Thursday, August 21, 2008

Dear Baby - 38 Weeks


Today's post brought to you by Natural Way to Induce Labor No. 230: Walking

Walking, because just laying there won't dilate your cervix, silly!

Dear Baby,

Another week has gone by. Another week where you get stronger and more ninja-like. I sometimes expect for there to be a pool of blood in my underwear after one of your ninja routines. You are really finding all of the nerves now and you love doing this at night when I am ready to try and sleep. I am able to make out more of your body parts, especially when we take a bath. You love to push your little elbow out and hold it there for a good couple minutes. Just enough time for me to give you a little massage. You do the same with your butt. I am really going to miss that.

According to your dad, I am allowed to keep walking and doing whatever normal pregnant gals do, until the weekend. Once the weekend rolls around, he is putting me on bed rest. That's right, your father is playing doctor now. You see, little one, there is something on Sunday that your dad and his friends like to call their "Fantasy Draft". I will let him elaborate later, but basically it is CHRISTMAS but in August. If you were to make your appearance or be on your way to making your appearance any time close to this glorious event, we will be in BIG trouble. There have already been threats on both ends. Of course I have been saying since about February that you will OF COURSE be born on draft day, because that's just how the cookie crumbles.

We have 2 more days until our "Fantasy Draft bed rest" begins, and 2 more weeks until I come-a-knocking on your door, torch in hand.


dan said...

My sisters second came on the Ohio State/Michigan...biggest game day ever day! Her husband was currently going there for dental school, his dad and mom,of course alumni...Her first child didn't pick the best day either...Christmas day.

Colleen said...


angie said...

Get ready.......your comfortable water world is going to be snatched soon, baby! :)