Tuesday, February 5, 2008

No idea.


Whenever I am somewhere that has baby clothes on the cheap, I can't help but to buy some if they are on sale. I mean, who can pass up a $2 onesie? Especially when it has a little picture of the earth and says "Hi, I'm new here". I will post a photo later. Admittedly, I have been buying boy-ish things because a.) I don't like any of the girly clothes and b.) I just have a feeling. If I am wrong, I know like 10 people who are having babies the same time as me and one of us is bound to have a boy. Back to my story, so last night I come home from Target with 3 really cute (and cheap) onesies and show them Paul. This conversation followed:

Me: "I bought some really cute baby clothes on sale."

Him: "How many onesies does this kid need?"

Me (laughing to myself because he has NO IDEA): "Lots. At least 3 a day. They will get thrown-up on, pooped on and God knows what else."

Him: "Ahh."

I am in for it.

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