Tuesday, February 12, 2008

He will laugh at you.


I am not an extremely religious person. I like to think of myself as being more spiritual, but there is a certain saying that I love to bust out on people. Not because I am evil, but because I think it is oh-so true.

"Never tell God your plans. He will laugh at you."

I should rephrase this to "Never tell God your plans. He will laugh at you. Unless you are Jennifer Lopez. Then, he will bow down, because well, you ARE JLo, and you get what you want apparently. Even when it comes to the big guy upstairs." Did anyone read about this? Evidently, she was so happy because her baby(ies) due date was February 14th. Valentines Day. She likes the fact that it had "a theme" and that it would make the tabloid cover deadlines. Did you just hear my eyes roll around in my head? I guess I am a little confused. So if she doesn't magically go into labor, I am assuming that she has a scheduled c-section (gotta get that tummy tuck) for that day. I think the latter is more likely since she is having twins. Are we kidding here?

I remember a long time (well, not so long) ago when I made the statement, "I really want to try and have a baby after the month of September, and before the month of May so that there isn't that age confusion (what class to put the kid in) when it is time for the kid to go to school". HA! I should have known as soon as the words came out of my mouth that I was doomed for a September baby. I shouldn't say DOOMED, but you know what I mean.

I know a couple people that did the same thing as me, (hi Denise) talking about wanting a baby during a certain time because of this reason or that. And yes, it may seem so logical at the time, but who can really plan these things? I guess the important part is that we are having babies, right? And if there is one thing I am learning about pregnancy and children it is that, they are unpredictable. And like God, chances are if you tell them your plans, they WILL laugh at you (or take a nap/be hungry/shit their pants/get sick/make you exhausted).

*photo from Getty Images/MomLogic

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