Thursday, January 31, 2008

Dear Baby - 9 Weeks


Dear FETUS! (yay!)
Welcome to fetus-hood-dom-age. There are so many things going on with you right now, you cannot even imagine (really! I don't know if you can...)! First of all, and most importantly to me, you look like an actual baby and not some sea creature and you are about the size of a large salad olive. You can't open your eyes yet, but the iris's are fully functioning as well as the workings of your inner ear (please God let this child have better balance than I do). You have also started urinating since kidney function is happening. Hopefully you are better at it than I, and don't dribble all down your legs. Your sex organs are also there, but obviously we can't see them yet - BUT I like to think it is pretty creepy that I may or may not be growing a penis inside of me (your aunty Anne pointed this out to me very early on).

What we are doing this week: Oh little one! What a very exciting week you are about to have! Tonight, your grandma, dad and I are going to see what your dad lovingly refers to as "Circus Oley!". He is also under the impression that they serve you chips and salsa upon arrival. Really, we are going to Cirque du Soleil. I wish you could see and hear because it is amazing. Then tomorrow, our new couches are coming. This is big for us since we are eventually going to need a comfy and supportive place to sleep where we won't disturb your dad or brother Binx. Chances are, this will be our new home. We aren't done yet! Then, our second adventure in what we will call the Road to Not Being a Sissy is taking place. Last week, we did snow, this week - WATER! Yes, we are going to an indoor water park. I am hoping all these adventures will make you less of a sissy than your mom is. On Sunday there is this thing called the Superbowl, where I will most likely feed you, A LOT. If you are a girl, just sleep through the game, nothing to see there.

Wow, what a crazy week it is going to be. Guess what? Only 31 more weeks and we get to meet! Almost 25% of the way there.

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