Wednesday, February 6, 2008

New Lows?


Someone mentioned yesterday on a chat board I frequent that pregnancy has brought them to new lows, and asked everyone what theirs were. I thought about this for a while and I was having trouble thinking of some for myself. Every one else's were things like, "I puked in my lunch bag during morning rush hour" or "I pissed myself during a board meeting the other day". Since I haven't really had any morning sickness and I am really good about making it to the bathroom on time I thought I was out and closed the post.

Once I got to thinking, I realized I do have some lows. Here we go:
-I used to work-out pretty frequently. I haven't worked out in a long time. Which brings me to point number two.
-I sleep. Constantly. I know this comes with the territory and shouldn't be considered a low, but I feel horrible sometimes about all the sleeping I do. I realize I am not on top of my game like I used to be. It takes me a couple days to finish laundry because I fall asleep during the spin cycle and forget about it. My husband has referred to me as lazy a couple times and it honestly does hurt my feelings, I am trying honey. But I need you to try too. Especially in the Understanding department. I also have been slacking in the dinner department since all I want to do is sleep when I come home from work. Which brings me to point three (like how I am doing this?).
-Food. I used to eat fairly healthy. I barely ever ate fast food, junk food, candy, etc. (unless it was a holiday, and who can resist those mini Snicker bars?). Now I could eat a whole bag of peach o's, whole can of mixed nuts, a bag of Doritos, box of Applejacks and 2 packs of Reese's Peanut Butter cups. And that's just Wednesday. Wednesday's lunch. Fine it was a snack. So sue me.

Speaking of sleeping, wanna see the new couch and tables? It's maaaaarvelous.

And just for your enjoyment, here's the Stinx:

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