Monday, February 25, 2008

Busy Weekend and Bladder

12w 4d

This weekend was crazy busy, but so fun. We got to hang out with some great friends and see some that we haven't seen in a while. Friday was fairly chill, my mom came up to stay with us since she had an appointment by our house on Saturday. We pretty much just hung out and watched Gone With the Wind. I love that flick! Saturday was insane. We went to lunch and the car show with Paul's siblings then rushed back down to Akron to meet up with some friends at one of our favorite restaurants, Crave. We then headed to a bar down the street to see my long-lost friend Lindsay (she is super busy) and wish her a Happy Birthday! Once we got home, we were exhausted and pretty much fell asleep on the couch watching the DVR'd Tennessee game. Sunday was filled with a family visit, Lowes visit and grocery shopping. God bless those little Girl Scouts for pimping out their cookies yesterday, they made me very happy. Once I made dinner and finally sat down, it was Oscar time. What a crazy weekend!
Lindsay likes to eat her hair. :o) I also now officially have pregnancy chipmunk cheeks.
One big thing I noticed this weekend was that I had a funny feeling in my stomach since Friday. When I went to hug Paul yesterday, my stomach felt hard. I thought to myself, "this must mean that my uterus (or baby hotel as one nephew now thinks of it as) has moved up above my pelvic bone". Just as I got that thought out, BAM! time to pee. I now think the baby and uterus is happily situated on my bladder. The frequency of urine elimination has been kicked up a notch. Needless to say, sleeping is not an easy feat. Lucky me!
*See bladder (smaller kidney-shaped thing to the upper right of vagina), and also see fetus. Thank you. Have a nice day.

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