Thursday, February 14, 2008

Dear Baby - 11 Weeks


Dear Baby-

What a rollercoaster ride this week has been. Monday I had a breakdown, was exhausted Tuesday (and every other day since I found out about you) and then Wednesday night (to be specific), BAM! It is like a switch has been flipped. I feel wonderful and alive for the first time in months! Of course when I open the flood of emails I get on Thursdays from all the baby websites, all they talk about is how the placenta is finally doing all of the hormonal work and your little pituitary gland is in full force. I am amazed, but cautious. I don't want to get too excited for fear of getting exhausted all over again, but I can't help it! As usual, you are being a little over-achiever and doing all sorts of wonderful things. You are starting to explore your body, mostly your head, opening and clenching your hands and wiggling around like crazy. Of course I can't feel any of this yet, but I should in about a month. You are also swallowing and smelling now.

I am so excited for next week I can hardly contain myself, but I am so I don't embarrass your dad (whom I am sure is sick of the NT Scan countdown). I get to SEE you on Monday! It is so odd knowing that you are in there, growing bigger and bigger every day and I can't see it happening. The last time I saw you was 5 weeks ago and you looked like a dragon. This time, they tell me you will look like a baby. With arms and legs, a distinguishable head and the whole bit! I will also get to see your heart beating away for sure and then definitely get to hear it on Thursday when we go back to the OB. I guess that is what I have to look forward to instead of actually seeing you every month. I get to hear your heart.

I know you always want to know what's going on with me, so here it goes. The bloat is finally, finally going down and I am starting to see what resembles an actual round bump. Not some flabby spare tire of air and water. I will start posting photos soon because I know there are people that read this blog that don't get to see me too often (::waves::) and can you imagine the shock when they do see me?! Of course, like I said in the beginning, I feel great today, Paul even noticed it last night. I am sure with all this proclaiming of how wonderful I feel, he is going to start nagging me about working out again :o).

Oh and PS, you are the size of a lime this week. I see all sorts of different sizes of limes, so I am not sure how to compare, but the websites are differing and saying anywhere from 1.5 to 2 inches in length. That's a tiny lime!

Only 29 weeks and you get to come out and play!

EDIT: I added another photo from Baby Center. They say you are the size of a fig. Not sure I have ever seen one in real life, but there ya go.


Colleen said...

No particular comment, just wanted to say how much I enjoy reading this every day.

Judi said...

I have to agree with Colleen. I do enjoy reading your letters to baby luc. I redid my blog and added yours to my list of places.

Laura said...

Have you ever thought of publishing your own book. You totally have a way with words!