Monday, February 18, 2008

NT Scan Images

The first one is from 'far away'. Head is on the left, torso on the right. The white on the bottom is the spine. White on top is the arm. You can also see the jaw, which looks like a white beard.

Second image is a close-up of the head. It is a profile shot. You can see the nose and jaw again, and an eye if you look closely (it is in the same place your eye is, so go off of the got it). Also there is a little bit of spine on the bottom.

This last one is the fun one. Head on the left, torso on the right, you can see an arm stretched up towards the head (already practicing how to lounge) the other arm can be seen resting on the belly. The two white areas towards the end of the belly are the tops of the legs. Oh and just for fun, the "pillow" he is lounging on is my placenta. I like to think that it is the Tempurpedic of all placentas.

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Colleen said...

Holy wow! I can't believe that only a few weeks ago, our little friend looked like a dragon!