Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Corpus Luteum Cysts

12w 6d

Wordy Wednesday. I thought I would tell you all about corpus luteum cysts because I had one during my first ultrasound, and while scary sounding, they are typically nothing to be alarmed about. According to, corpus luteum cysts are a "... functional ovarian cyst (that) occurs after an egg has been released from a follicle. After this happens, the follicle becomes what is known as a corpus luteum. If a pregnancy doesn't occur, the corpus luteum usually breaks down and disappears. It may, however, fill with fluid or blood and stay on the ovary. Usually, this cyst is on only 1 side and produces no symptoms.".

Since I was pregnant, mine stuck around for a little while so it could be seen on the 6w ultrasound. It should be gone by now, but I failed to ask the ultrasound tech to check for it during the NT Scan. I guess the next time we will have to opportunity to see it is at 20w. I tend to think it is probably gone since these guys don't stick around for long.

So the lesson is, if you are an ovulating girl, chances are you might have one of these - FUN!

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