Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Fun Bags


**warning - if you do not wish to hear about my boobs, please skip down to the part that says "Safe"**

Okay Holy Huge Boobs Batman. All of my life I have loathed the lucky ones that got nice boobs. I was a dancer for the majority of my childhood and I kept dancing right through puberty and of course, my boobs just never showed up. I have noticed over the last couple days that my fun bags are now in full effect y'all. Last night when we went to bed I was complaining to Paul that when I lay on my side I have to pick up my boob and lay it on my arm or it gets lost in my armpit. Ahh the joys of pregnancy. I know you are all imagining me with some Pam Anderson triple D's right now, which totally isn't the case. See, when you start out with a mid-B and all of the sudden are creeping around in the C's, you think they are big. And yes, I know they will only get bigger so save your breath now.

**SAFE** (I think)
I am also now officially uncomfortable in jeans. I notice now when I wear my regular jeans with my tummy sleeve (let's you leave your button undone, and zipper if you're feeling frisky) I get bloated a lot easier and when I lean forward I can hear my zipper going down. FUN! On the other hand, when I wear maternity pants, or sweat pants, since there is no pressure, the bloat stays down. Or maybe I don't notice it?

Meat is also now officially grossing me out. I thought it was just raw meat, but it is also when it's cooked as well. I am forcing myself to choke down some chili that is full of turkey and sausage today. Chicken I can no longer do and I haven't tried steak yet. Of course fish (especially salmon) is not my friend right now either. I need to find alternative resources of the the good-for-you that meat provide. Any suggestions? Leave em' in the comments please!

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