Tuesday, January 22, 2008


First of all - welcome to Nestie people who caught my link posting the other day when I hijacked The Next Nine Month's post (sorry about that). Second, there was a question from Jodi about posting tickers. Here's what I did - When I went to Lilypie, I created the new "Expecting Baby Mini" ticker. Then I just posted the HTML in the box on here on the right panel (where the ticker is). I hope you get it to work!

Now down to business. I just want to gush about what a tank of a car I have. The roads were pretty messy with snow today and I must say that my little front wheel drive Jetta is a TANK! Screw you people and your big expensive SUV's and trucks! You are usually the people I see spun out on the side of the road! Granted, I do have traction control, and yes I do own an SUV (if that's what you want to call it) for the next 6 days, but I am so happy I am turning that thing back in. The Jetta is so much better in the snow (and on the wallet)! All hail German engineering (did that make you happy husband?)!

I have noticed that my angry-driver road habits (I do not refer to it as rage, I don't take roids) are getting pretty funny with my pregnancy hormones going into full swing. There is this stretch of road on the way home from work that I have figured out the secret to. You must stay in the right lane. There are no left turning lanes, therefore if you get stuck behind someone in the left lane, you could be sitting there for a while.
So when I see Mr. I-Drive-This-Sweet-Souped-Up-Mustang-To-Make-Up-For-Smaller-Things fly by me one second only to get stopped behind the minivan turning left, is it bad that I laugh and point as I drive by? I swear it's like I am in the Daytona 500, and it's fun!

My "tank race car".

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Nine said...

it's ok that you hijacked my post- I am hijacking your "how to post tickers." I need to do that for my blog. PS- foreign cars rock!