Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Obviously as the title states, I (or should I say WE to be PC) are having a baby. It will be our first human child, as we already have a baby named Binx. Binx is our 3.5 year old tabby mutt cat that I will probably frequently talk about as I am a self-proclaimed crazy cat lady. We recently got married and the day after Christmas we were blessed with my urine showing some HCG.

So here we are, anxiously awaiting our first OB appointment where they will ask us tons of questions, make me faint by taking half of my blood, then to pour salt in the wound they will make me pee in a cup (I will totally get it all over my hand) THEN they will inevitably do an internal (never a fun word) ultrasound and tell us when our wonderful little bean will be expected. WHEW!

Here is my prediction: I believe that today I am rounding up week 5, day 5. So, at my doctor appointment, I am anticipating being 6 weeks flat with a due date of September 4th.

To leave you, please enjoy this picture of something I peed on:

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