Thursday, January 17, 2008

Dear Baby - 7 Weeks


Dear Embryo-

I am still being forced to call you 'embryo' for another 3 weeks. Then I can finally sing the "Are you in there little fetus?" song from Friends without having to correct myself or make up new lyrics. I have also referred to you as "the tenant" on more than one occasion. I promise I will stop. It's just that you have been making me feel like I partied too hard every night for the last week (I DO NOT need to re-live college). I am feeling better which is good considering I feel like I haven't slept in YEARS. I thank you for that.

Websites are telling me you are the size of a blueberry this week. I love blueberries! I wonder when you will be the size of a schnozberry... They are also telling me your tail is going away and your neck is going to start straightening out soon. This is good because I always feel your pain when I look at the artist renderings of you each week. I wish you could answer my questions that I have for you like, "Did you like the pasta weesie I had for dinner last night?", "Do you like U2 as much as I do?". But then I remember that you are not getting nutrients from the placenta yet and you can't hear me yet.

So here's to you my little blueberry - only 33 more weeks and I will be able to meet you!


Colleen said...

Haha... You said tail :)

Chrissy said...

Are you in there little fetus (bumblebee)?
In 9 months will you come greet us?
I will buy you some adidas!!