Friday, January 11, 2008


6w 1d

Yesterday was my first OB appointment and *boy* was it fun. First, I wrote my name like 8 million times on my charts. Then they told me to go give a urine sample in the bathroom and leave it in the tiny little cabinet. Of course I peed before I went there (I should have known better) so what came out was minuscule compared to the gallons of piss I usually have. Once we were called back, my blood pressure, height, weight were all taken. We then met with the NP Anne. She was wonderful. Such a nice lady. After that she did an exam and sent me off for blood work.

Let's get something straight right now. I have what they call 'deep veins' which ultimately means that it takes HOURS for them to find one. Okay I exaggerated a little. Get used to it. When I walked into the lab room, shaking like a leaf, I so nicely called the poor lady's chair "THE CHAIR OF DEATH" echo echo. She laughed of course and after tying the rubber band thingy so tight around my arm I thought for sure it would fall off, she got it. In ONE TRY. I was so happy. Paul was pretty happy too, he wouldn't have to hear about it all day.

Next, I waited for my ultrasound. I got really lucky that day that there was an opening. My cycles had been very long so I wasn't absolutely positive how far along I was and they needed to do an ultrasound to date me. Once I was called in, I got undressed (again) and we got started. The technician moved around looking at all my "lady" parts for a while, finding a cyst on my left ovary (totally normal after ovulation) then finally resting on my uterus. Paul and I saw the baby right away. It looked pretty much like a blob but a baby nonetheless. She pointed out the yolk sack and then she made me hold my breath. We saw the heartbeat. I can't explain how wonderful that was. I couldn't hear anything she was saying except for the word "heartbeat". Then, just as the angels finished singing and the rainbows started fading, I heard Paul say, "It's looks like a dragon". See, my husband thinks everything looks like dragons. Clouds, his cereal, OUR CHILD. This wasn't odd for me. So there I was, glowing with delight and clutching the first photo of our little dragon baby.

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