Sunday, May 31, 2009

Babies and Cats

The similarities between cats and babies are astounding. Especially my cat and my baby. Since Mason has begun exploring our house, he has discovered the door stoppers. He loves to play with them and I have to endure constant BIOOONNGGGGG-ing until he moves on to his next victim. Binx used to love to paw at the door stoppers while we were in the bathroom. Sort of his little way of telling us that he really wanted in so he could get some pets while we were taking a dump. Another thing? They both love to sleep. LOVE IT (most of the time). Binx of course sleeps and cannot be disturbed (only for pets). Mason has a strict napping schedule that he has made for himself and if it is not followed, things like this happen:

Then there is the shower. No one can resist some fresh shower water, right? Binx loves to drink the leftover sudsy, surely mold-infested shower water laying on the shower floor. Mason of course spends my entire shower banging on the door with his chubby little hands waiting for the moment when I step out so he can crawl in.

They are both definitely my babies, and while one is probably neglected (I'll let you figure that one out) I love them both equally, but yet not, for different reasons? Yes, something like that. They fill my days with just the right amount of comic relief.

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A. Hunt said...

See you love Mr. Binx!