Thursday, May 21, 2009

Like, OMG you guys.

I went to pick up pizza dinner last night and when I returned Paul was all "Hurry! He is crawling, grab the video camera" and I was all, "YAY! Finally!". So, this crawling thing, totally cool for about 5 minutes until you realize:
1. You aren't prepared. You still haven't babyproofed enough. Knives are still laying on coffee tables, medieval guillotine replicas are still lining the walls, etc.
2. You're new favorite word and possibly your son's first word is NO NO NO NO NO.
3. You really need to vacuum.
4. Vacuuming takes twice the amount of time when you are dragging an almost-toddler that has a death-grip on the cord behind you.
5. You still haven't ordered the baby gates! SHIT!

Do not fret internet people, I did baby proof the outlets, which of course was the first thing he went for this morning:
Without further rambling, here it is, THE video that only took 5 tries to capture (I know he is not sterotypical crawling yet, but trust, he gets where he needs to go):

He Crawls from Tiffany Luc on Vimeo.


Jessica said...

YAY Mason!

Laura said...

Seriously, it looks like he wants to skip the crawling altogether and start walking!!

Itty Bitty said...

I agree with Laura! He is ready to start standing up and running!

hmmm... and my security word for the night was :cescank: lol
Just had to share since I found it amusing ;)

Colleen said...

Sweet Baby Jesus! He's mobile!