Monday, April 20, 2009

Yes, I am gross.

Before I had Mason, I would see vomit and pretty much vomit myself. I also hated when I could smell even the tiniest bit of someone else's breath, and boogers, ick. Now, NOW I am the booger patrol. I actually get excited when I see crusty boogers hanging out of Mason's nose, or any other baby's nose for that matter. Then there is his breath. I make it a point to stick my nose in his face when he wakes up. I think his breath is the sweetest-smelling thing on earth.

Two nights ago, our poor neighbors were witness to projectile vomiting of turkey and sweet potatoes mixed with a little formula. Usually, this would have triggered my gag reflex immediately, but not anymore. Then when Paul spilled the puke all over the floor and my foot, it was gross but I was more worried about Mason. Poor guy.

Have I talked about his sweat yet? The kid radiates heat from his body and when he wakes up he is soaked with sweat. And I love it. It smells so good! I wish I could bottle his little smells. Minus the poop of course. That NEVER smells good. See what being a mother does to you? Of course BABY sweat and BABY breath and BABY boogers are way cuter than the adult counterpart, I would never go for a cliffhanger in my husband's nose.

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