Friday, April 17, 2009


I had a wonderful (or I seemed to think so at the time) idea the other day while I was Spring Cleaning my house. That wonderful idea turned into my newest baby: The Clever Mom Blog (<-that's a link, click it!). Go take a look, but not too closely, because she is still a work in progress. I have already written two posts, but I wanted to wait a little while to launch it so that I could work on some things and get used to the layout but who cares?!

People constantly ask me questions like, "How do you have time to shave your legs?" and "Where did you come up with that idea?" and "Why are you so wonderful?"...okay maybe not the last one, but a girl can dream, right? So, I decided that it was time to share. I am really excited to get all of my tricks, ideas and advice out there. Some of them I have come up with myself, some things I learned from other people. I am going to try and make it as interesting as possible and PLEASE remember that it is still a work in progress, it will get better, I promise. I plan on having guest bloggers, contests and more so GO! Read! Tell your friends! Leave comments, suggestions, hate mail, whatever! Enjoy!

Oh and PS. I Twitter over there. Because all the cool kids are doing it. So follow me!

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Colleen said...

Ooooh, I am so excited :)