Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sneaky Bastards

Do you know that Babies R Us now offers a rewards program? I feel like they were hush hush about it for a while, but now it is pretty much out there. Sign up. Do you also know that I should have had $15 in rewards coming to me from BRU? Yeah. They should have been to my house by now via snail mail. Do you also know that my HUSBAND likes to throw away mail that looks like it might motivate me to spend more money? You know, like things that come from BRU, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, etc? Looks like my $15 rewards are now mixed in with my dirty diaper bolster pillows at the landfill. I worked really hard to get those rewards, damnit! I have known his little coupon-pitching secret for a while now but chose to just play dumb wife and pretend like I had no clue. I told him he might have well just throw $15 in the trash BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT HE DID.

Look who else is getting the SNEAKY BASTARD AWARD: Pampers!! Did you know that they also have a rewards program? You probably do, although I will file this in my "things that they forget to tell you when you have kids" folder. I had to find out for myself one day when I wondered what those damn green stickers were on the inside of my diaper packaging. I guess the big GIFTS TO GROW verbage on the FRONT of the package wasn't enough for me. Hmph.

Another sneaky bastard: The top left front tooth in Mason's mouth. That tooth is an asshole. It wakes Mason up every day at 6am and is all "Let's play! Talk to me and wake up your parents!" I want to be all, "STFU toooooth and come out and face your maker already."

I guess I will just have to SHOP at BRU for DIAPERS and ORAJEL to make up for my LOST REWARD DOLLARS.

You people upset me. Leave me alone.

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fearlesschef said...

*Giggle* I just got my rewards the other day. I made my MIL take one of the scanner cards from our account since she is always buying things for her kids kids... this way, I benefit and no one knows! I am *the* sneaky bastard!