Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Dear Mason - 7 Months

Dear Mason,
Sometimes, life happens. Sometimes, mommy is not always on time. This is especially true once the person that used to be called Tiff, is now mom. Before you, I used to be punctual, early even. I was NEVER late. NEVER. I always had a built-in buffer zone of 5-10 minutes so that if something were to happen, I would still be on time. Here I am, no longer Tiff, now mommy-Tiff and look at me. 4 days late on your monthly letter. 10 minutes late for your third swimming lesson (it's only a 30 minute class).
When I realized that I only had 3 minutes to make the 10 minute drive to swimming yesterday, I didn't panic like I once would. I smiled. I looked back at your reflection in your extra-large mirror (another on the must-have list) and I smiled. I was late for a swimming class. Not a client meeting. I have a son, and since I was too busy playing with him to notice the time, I was running late...to his swimming class. The anxiety I once felt is gone. Whether it is mommy's crazy pills, the expensive therapy sessions, or just plain LOVE, the bad stuff has disappeared - all because of a little, fat, happy baby named Mason. You are a rolling machine. ROLLING. Something that once caused me a sleepless night (OMG, my son is BEHIND, there is something wrong, why is he not rolling, he has autism!!!) came and went in a blink of an eye. You roll like crazy. You are normal. There is nothing wrong with you that you didn't inherit from your parents - and that is that you do things on your own time, not when some stupid author/doctor/random lady at the grocery store tells you you should. You are a little fish. You giggle at nothing and everything. You talk to the microwave. You roll. You warm hearts. You light up rooms. You are irresistible. You are mine.You have no idea how incredibly lucky you are. Do you know how many built-in friends you have already? You have 2 cousins that are within 7 months of your age either way, a new friend that was born yesterday, another 3 on the way, and don't forget the 4 other cousins you have that are older, wiser, and probably the ones who will at one point in your life invite you to little sibs weekend at their colleges, or buy you beer when you aren't quite 21. You also have an extended group of baby-friends that are the children of mommy's internet friends. And DOGS! DOGS! are your friends. You love DOGS! Every month gets better and better with you. I go to bed at night thinking, "how can I possibly love him any more?" but somehow, you make me. My heart just bursts every time you smile at me.


Colleen said...

So I know I am all sensie or whatever now, but I started to while reading this. XOXOXO!

Colleen said...

* started to cry.

Judi said...

Tiff, what a great letter!! It almost brought tears to my eyes.

Laura said...

That was by far your best Dear Mason. That little guy is so special. I love him to peices; I love his mommy too! Tiff, you are great mother.

SwizzlestickMama said...

Awwww.....very sweet.