Monday, April 6, 2009

Part Two! (aka SEE I didn't forget)

One word. JUMPEROO. Mason could jump in this thing for HOURS and he has. See what a great mom I am? No really, this thing is like heaven on springs.
Sassy Formula Dispenser. I had another brand with only 3 compartments, but then I found this one with FOUR! Mason typically drinks 4 bottles a day now so this is perfect. I fill it up every morning so it is ready for the day. It is so much easier to dump the powder into the bottles from this thing than from the stupid scoop. It is also super convienient to throw in the diaper bag for outings as well.Fisher Price Space Saver Highchair. I hump this thing daily. It doesn't take up any room (hence the name) and is extremely easy to clean PLUS it turns into a booster seat. LASTLY, it is not obnoxious colorWet bags. I use one from Wet Happened? These are perfect to have in your diaper bag. I have two since I rotate two diaper bags. I use them for dirty diapers, soiled clothes, wet bathing suits, food containers, dirty bibs, spoons, etc. I of course wash it (IN WITH THE LAUNDRY!) after soiled items have been in it. Come on now. You need some. Get them.

Again, all pictures are from Babies R Us and Amazon dot com. They also represent the actual colors, patterns and whatevers that I have. Not actual size. No one paid me to do this, but I will accept checks in the mail. Email for address. Have a nice day. Go forth and BUY!