Monday, March 23, 2009


With the month of March (which is almost over now, isn't it...seriously, where have I been?) comes many exciting things - the most important being the start of Spring. Living here in March doesn't always promise a great start to spring but I have been pretty satisfied thus far. DO YOU HEAR THAT MOTHER NATURE? After a winter of below negative temps, I welcome a couple days of sunshine and 40 degree weather. As long as that bitch of a sun is shining, who cares right? ROLL THOSE WINDOWS DOWN AND SLIDE BACK THOSE SUNROOFS YIPPPPEEE!

Winter was rough on this household. Sort of. There were no colds or sicknesses ::does sign of the cross (not Catholic), knocks on wood and spits over left shoulder:: but lots of times where we were locked in the house because I refused to venture outside. Putting on a coat makes me sweat before I even leave the house. There are only so many things you can do with an infant to keep him happy. Most of those include the Jumperoo, Elmo, airplanes on my legs, singing, TV (gasp!), trying to make him roll (ROLL DAMNIT) and getting excited when he starts doing the downward facing dog...then promptly losing your shit because that means he is starting to move and there are sharp.objects.everywhere. Or you could do this:Then comes the first week of above-40 temps and you throw a sweater on the kid and take daily walks and get high off of the FRESH GODDAMN AIR.FINALLY. And swim lessons. Swim lessons! Good God I cannot wait to start those. Should be a blog-worthy time. There is also something else in March that this household, well most of it, gets totally excited for - maybe a little too much. But it does make for cute photos:

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Laura said...

So cute! Although I would have liked to see the picture where Mason looks totally disgusted with his walk!