Tuesday, March 3, 2009

6 Months - Dear Mason

Dear Mason,
Half of a year - that's how long we have known you now and I have never met anyone with such character. I was fully aware of the ever-changing 'babyness' we were embarking on when you made your tiny way into our lives but I was not prepared to go from this:
To this:
in such a short amount of time. You want to hold your bottle, and sit up by yourself and not be rocked or sang to. "Just put me in my damn crib already so I can go to sleep mom!" I never get sick of people telling me what a good baby you are, and how easy you are. I know I am lucky. Even when your dad and I try to escape for a night all we can do is talk about you and mimic your laugh and raspberries and little quirks. I cannot stop thinking about the past 6 months and how much you have changed and what a ride it has been. How you went from a non-sleeping baby to a 3 hour napper. I always worried what kind of mother I would be and how on earth I could ever raise a child to be the best person they could be, but I think I am doing a damn fine job so far.

I cannot wait until the winter goes away so I can take you outside to explore the things that you longingly look at through the window. You don't have time to explore when we leave the house since you are gasping through the cold air and I am rushing you inside the car or the store. You have started to watch the world go by through the car window when we are driving somewhere and I cannot help but wonder what you are thinking. Are you amazed at how fast the world around you is speeding by? Me too.


Laura said...

Great post, Tiff. You are a wonderful mother!

fearlesschef said...

Ah! This made me cry because I was just thinking this morning about how overwhelmed I am with the prospect of mothering in a few months. I love all your updates!

Erin said...

Happy 1/2 birthday Mason! :)

SwizzlestickMama said...

He is adorable. It does go by so quickly! Enjoy your 6 month old and all of the fantastic things he can do!

Colleen said...

The Reed Seed wants Mason to know that he or she is excited to meet a new friend. Perhaps even a birthday buddy!

Gia said...

He is seriously the cutest.