Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Must Haves Part II (errr..part one of a two-part post?)

Now that we have survived surpassed the six-month mark, I think it is time to sing my praises for my favorite baby items. All photo representations are live in living color (or, are actually the exact color, taste, smell, etc. that I own). First off, let's start with one of Mason's faves that I think is crap, because you know I love poop.

Infantino Stick and Spin Monkey
I would really like to tell this monkey to sit and spin....ahem. It's cute, but it does not stick. This totally defeats the purpose. I bought this toy because I was sick of picking up toys off of the dining room floor. Not only does it not stick, when it hits the ground it falls apart and putting it back together is not quite as easy as snapping Ken's head back on his body. Mason loves to chew on him though, even when he falls to pieces. Oh well.Maclaren Quest Mod stroller and Britax Roundabout Convertable Car Seat
My love. Ahhhh the Maclaren, or as I adoringly refer to it: Macky-PooPoodoodlebugNOM. If I could do it all over again, I would have skipped the Graco Snugride carrier and Metrolite stroller and went straight to the Britax car seat (since it's good from birth through booster seat) and the Maclaren Quest. The stroller weighs 12 pounds. TWELVE POUNDS and folds up super small. The car seat is the highest rated, best investment I have ever made. The only issue with my plan would be that you a.)lose the infant carrier, but honestly, you don't go too many places in the beginning and when you do, people want to hold the bayyybeeee so what's the use? and b.) the Maclaren is good starting at 3 months, BUT when you have delicious things like SLINGS! and FRONT-TO-BACK CARRIERS! who needs a damn stroller? You haven't had time to shower in days anyways, you ARE NOT going to the mall. I will say though, I do love the Graco schtuff and still use the Metrolite for beefy-er adventures such as walks around the neighborhood - so he still gets his use.

You must buy these. No, TAKE STOCK in these. My newest favorite use for them: linking a bunch together and attaching toys to the stroller with them so Mason cannot throw toys overboard to be ran over by the stroller OR attaching toys to the OHSHIT handle in the car so he doesn't throw toys overboard and into the deep dark pit that is my car's backseat.
*all photos from Babies R' Us dot com
Stay tuned for part two, where I will discuss my love affair (and possible marriage-ending obsession) with a high-chair, formula dispenser and spring-loaded-baby-holderthingamajiggy among other things.


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