Monday, September 22, 2008

Splish Splash and Fun Feedings

Two Sundays ago, Mason was given his first bath. I was so excited when his umbilical stump fell off because I had been looking forward to giving the little guy a bath. Not because he was stinky or anything, it just seemed fun. HA! This was also the Sunday when we started noticing a little bit of diaper rash on him that would soon turn into FULL FLEDGED OUCHIE diaper rash, which is now looking tons better thanks to Aunt Chrissy's remedy.

At first, he seemed to like the bath and it's warm goodness on his little butt...

But that soon turned into "HOLY HELL the water is getting chilly and I am cold now get me out of here cruel vile people!"

Soon followed with "is it over? I am scared to look. Is the tubby gone?"

"Ahh yes. Warm towel. All done I presume. Now fetch me a boob."

So there you have it. He likes his baths at first, but as soon as the water temperature is not up to his highness' standards anymore, he screams bloody murder until we get him out. He really is such a good baby. He never cries just to cry. He only cries because one of the following things is wrong:

-dirty diaper
-fighting sleep
-wants mommy/sick of daddy or wants daddy/sick of mommy
-gas bubble

He actually slept 3 hours in between feedings last night. Praise Jeebus. Hopefully this sticks at night. For the past almost 3 weeks, he had only been sleeping 2 hours from the start of one feeding to the start of the next. He was also doing marathon nursing sessions lasting sometimes 45 minutes. For example, he wakes up at 2am, I change him (5 mins), feed him (30-45 mins) and rock him back to sleep (10 mins), taking about an HOUR total putting us at 3am. We sleep until 4am (AN HOUR people) before he is up and hungry again. EEK.

He is finally cutting down the nursing to 15 minutes and passing out at the last burp. So the diaper change, nursing, burp and rocking to sleep has went down from one hour to about 20-30 minutes and then he doesn't eat again for another 2.5 hours. SO.MUCH.BETTER. I can only hope it gets shorter and shorter!


Laura said...

Lovin the pictures of Mason in the tub!

The whole being deprived of sleep scares me.

Old Meghan said...

Love the pics! Keep 'em coming! :) Glad to hear things are getting better! :)

Colleen said...

Are you confusing Mason's bath time with Paul's tubby time?

Krista said...

He is way too cute!!!

I think I can deal with the sleep deprivation since I did it for 2 years working night sucks!

nancy said...

Love the photos!!! And I want to know what Aunt Chrissy's diaper rash remedy is!!

Monogramchick said...

What a precious little man! I am glad that you're getting a little more sleep...I bet it is still tough but it sounds like it is all worth it, hang in there!

Ann B said...

Too cute!!