Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Dear Mason,

39w 5d

Dear Mason,

I wanted to make sure I wrote you one last time while you are still an inside-baby. I forget things a lot and I want to have some sort of record to remember what your dad and I did right before you came. I also want to tell you about a couple things that are going on in the world right now so that maybe, just maybe someday you can read this and feel a little more informed. One thing that my mom always tells me about is how her and my dad ate at Pizza Hut the night before she went into the hospital. I love that.

So here is a run-down of what has been going on around here this past weekend:

-We painted the kitchen and got all new light fixtures. This took much of Saturday and Monday to complete. I think you'll like it.
-I cleaned a lot.
-I gave myself a manicure yesterday for a couple reasons: I will soon be able to wear my wedding rings again and I know that my hands will be in a lot of pictures when I get to finally hold you. I also made sure my eyebrows looked nice.
-We went swimming at Goga and Papa's one last time for the summer.
-I watched a lot of How It's Made and Dirty Jobs. Get used to it!
-Your dad mowed the grass and edged. It looks really nice.
-Your dad and I held hands and said "I love you" a lot. But this is nothing new.
-I made sure all of your clothes and blankets were washed and put away (they have been for months now).
-I re-organized the pantry, because if you are anything like us, and I am sure you will be, you will appreciate the tidiness of your canned goods.
-Last night for dinner we had Arby's. This is totally uncommon for us because we rarely eat fast food, but for some reason it sounded soooo good. I got the Beef N' Cheddar and some curly fries.
-We were up until 2am because I was having contractions anywhere from 7-15 minutes apart for about an hour and half. I didn't think this was very funny, especially since I had to watch Carson Daly to keep me occupied. They eventually stopped and I slept until 7:45 this morning.
-This morning for breakfast we made scrambled eggs and toast. When we finished, I asked your dad if he enjoyed himself because I am not sure when that will happen again. I skipped the Tobasco for obvious reasons.
-We watched the Today show like we normally do around breakfast time.
-Al Roker appeared live from New Orleans where hurricane Gustav just blew through. Thankfully this time it was not quite as bad as 3 years ago with Katrina.
-The Republican National Convention is this week. John McCain's running mate, Sarah Palin, is proving to be quite the controversial subject. Not that we care.
-NFL football starts Thursday. You'll learn soon enough how important this is.

Around 2:30pm we are leaving for the hospital. I really just can't believe that you are going to be here soon! We have all waited so long to see you and we love you so much already. I can't wait to teach you things and watch you grow. You are already so special to us and we will always be here for you whenever you need us. If I don't get to tell you tomorrow, Happy Birthday sweet boy.

Oh, and this is what your mommy and daddy looked like before we left the house today (Chubby. Me, not your dad):

Take it away, Colleen!!


Colleen said...

Awwww.. Great post! Talk to you soon and best wishes :)

Jessica said...

Sounds like Mason's ready to be here! Can't wait! Good luck!

Old Meghan said...

I keep looking at the clock thinking about you! Best of luck! :)

Ari&Matt08 said...

Yay so excited for you guys!!! Like OM, I've been keeping an eye on the clock today, and when I noticed it was 2:30 I figured you two were probably leaving- so exciting that you'll return to the house a family of 3!!

girlferns said...

Really really sweet post! I waiting for your final "Dear Baby"!! Good Luck! You look great by the way!!!

Control Freak said...

THe sweetest thing ever. So glad you let those of us in cyberland share that with you. Can't wait to hear news!

Jennifer said...

I'm in tears!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MASON!!! Your Aunt Julie was leaving the studio to come meet you tonight!! I can't wait to see pics of your cute lil face. You're going to have greatest parents!! They're so fun!! :) Welcome to the world lil man.