Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My Must Haves

I have been compiling a list of my favorite baby items in my head the past three weeks and was shocked to find a survey somewhere (can't remember the site) that was "dogging" completely on some of my faves. So here they are, my must-haves, even if some people find them worthless!

For feeding:

If you are breast or bottle feeding, these are some of my favorite products.
The Boppy Pillow. I could not feed without it. Your arms get tired and I am sorry, but I am not about to use just any pillow from my house to feed Mason. This thing is perfect!

Born Free bottles. BPA-free and they come with a nifty little venting system that has never given my little guy tummy issues.

Lanolin. If you are breastfeeding, this should be your best friend. I am constantly lathering this on my nipples and they love me for it.

The First Years Day and Night Bottle Warmer. This is one that people said was a waste but let me tell you something: I never have to venture downstairs in the middle of the night to spend 5 LONG minutes waiting for my bottle of breast milk to heat under running water (and wasting a ton of water in the process). This thing steams my bottles to the perfect temperature in less time than it takes to change a diaper with maybe a tablespoon of water. And I don't have to stand around trying to keep Mason calm while the bottle warms under the faucet.
*breast milk is very touchy and comes with a lot of re-heating rules. Formula feeders may find this product worthless.

For Sleepy-time:

Kidopotamus Swaddle Me blankets. My kid will not sleep unless he is swaddled or being held. I own three of these just in the newborn size. LIFE SAVER.

Nightlights. Any will do. I am a firm believer that blasting bright lights in the middle of the night keeps Mason awake longer. I have learned to do everything by the dim glow of a nightlight.

Graco Sweetpeace swing. Google this one and watch the demo video. I want one for myself. Mason has actually been sleeping in the chair part of it which we took off the swing and put into his crib. My only complaint is that the whole thing runs by way of being plugged into an outlet EXCEPT for the vibration option which is battery powered. Mason loves vibration and I am considering taking stock in batteries.

Diaper Duty:

PinXav. Mason has/had a mean case of diaper rash and this stuff is the shit. Normal diaper creams only have 11-13% zinc oxide in them, this stuff has 30%. Most places keep it behind the counter in the pharmacy, so ask for it.

Liquid Maalox. I know, strange right? Well after Aunt Chrissy's rash remedy (bacatracin zinc before the diaper cream) stopped working, the pediatrician let me in on this gem. Just dab some Maalox on the rash before the diaper cream to neutralize the acid on the rash. Works beautifully!


Erin said...

I love your tips! For the diaper rash, we had a lot of parents use a mix of equal parts AquaPhor and Maalox for their regular diaper cream and it worked GREAT! If you're still looking for a new diaper cream to try, maybe that will help.

also.. I tagged you on my blog

Colleen said...

I am determined to come and meet Mason this week. That is all.

angie said...

How have I gone my whole life without ever even hearing about Maalox. Figures it's not after the diaper rashes. :) Great "must haves".

Jessica said...

Good to know... thanks! :)

momto1 said...

The swaddle blanket was something I always thought about getting, but didn't....perhaps I will for next time. Thanks for the tip!

heidzilla said...

Once we decide to have kids, you're going on speed dial. Warning you now. K, thanks :) ~heeds

Roxanne Schwandt said...

Since I found your blog, I've been following. Thanks for the tips! I've already registered for most of what you mentioned as being your must-haves. Question about the Born Free bottles. I got a pack of these, but I was wondering if you can screw them to the medela for pumping and freezing? how do you coordinate this? Thanks!!