Friday, July 3, 2009

Dear Mason - 10 Months

10 Months

Dear Mason,
I realize that the majority of this month's letter is probably going to focus on the last couple days of month 9 of your life. As you can see, mommy hasn't had much time to update her blog lately because somebody has become a holy terror. I know, readers, "JUST WAIT" you say. Well, I am waiting... this is NOT a CAN'T WAIT! situation. This is a PLEASEIambeggingyounottowalk any time soon situation.

Mason, do you know that in the last week you have visited 3 new states, rode a Metro, rode down an escalator, went on your first amusement park ride, stayed in not one but THREE hotels, visited your nations capital and made countless otherwise-grumpy people smile? Well, believe it. I will admit, taking a 10 month old baby on a road trip in theory sounds like the working of a crazy person, but you were WONDERFUL. You only had one meltdown, and who wouldn't after being through what I put you through last week?
You swam your little heart out. I am going to predict that you are the next Michael Phelps. I have never seen such a little man want to swim so badly. You scream (happy screams) every time we get in the water and you kick your legs until you fall asleep - which you did on the last night of our trip, in the pool. Hilarious. You are into EVERYTHING these days. In fact, I have to make a trip to the big baby store to buy more locks for the cabinets since you think it is funny to mess with mommy's wine paraphernalia - hint: NEVER mess with mommy's wine paraphernalia.

People on the DC Metro generally keep to themselves and are not willing to smile, make eye-contact or any kind of acknowledgement that other people, do in fact, exist around them. BUT, once they saw you, or heard you they SMILED. And asked how old you are. And commented on how happy and adorable you are. You have a gift, little man. NEVER lose it. Keep smiling and talking and making people smile - we need more people like you in this world.

*there will be more photos and stories from our little adventure, soon!

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Colleen said...

Man... Double digit months?? Love you Mason! Oh and future friend Ethan has the same shark outfit waiting for him ;)