Friday, July 24, 2009

Abuse by Chicken Costume

No babies chickens were harmed while filming. Seriously though y'all, he's okay, no need to call Child Services.

Abuse by Chicken Costume from Tiffany Luc on Vimeo.

Mason found this costume in a drawer this morning. I had bought it while I was pregnant and it was too big last Halloween, so what else would I do? Friday Fun!

Coming soon: The decision on what to do with the bloggy blog.


Laura said...

OMG! I am dying over here! That is too funny!

Laura said...

Except for the fall at the end.....Although, he seemed to have been well padded!

Colleen said...

but does the chicken have large talons???

Tiff said...

Only Golden Flashes have large talons, Colleen. Everything else just has talons.