Monday, July 27, 2009

Moving on...soon!

I want to thank everyone that voted on my little poll - I am glad there are actually real people out there who are reading this and care to read more (even if you are all family and fallens) AND even if you all don't AHEM comment all the time.

I am going to go on. I promise. BUT I am happy to announce that on Mason's first birthday, I will be moving another link, a new look, a new name and some new content. I will explain more later, but I will say that you need to check out this blog, because it is one of my best friends and also the wife of the brilliant person who keeps coming up with some sweet ass blog names. And oh yeah, she is about to bust TWO babies out of her. Enjoy!


Colleen said...

You about gave me a heart attack! I guess I missed the poll, which leads me to feel bad about being a poor bloggy reader lately. I will try to be better. Thanks for the shout out!

Gia said...

I am glad you are not leaving the blogging world for good!!