Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Dear Mason - 5 Months

Do you know what happened in the last month of your life? BIG THINGS my little bug, big things. I know that if you could read right now you would probably roll your eyes and say "shut up about Obama already, mom", but I really can't help myself. All I will say is that I am so happy that I brought you into this world to sort of witness this great event in American History. And now I am done.

Of course, YOU did some wonderful things this month. You had your first fruits and veggies and I have to say that I still get very excited when I know it is time for you to eat. The faces you make are priceless and you are quick to let us know if you are enjoying yourself or not. You have really started giggling a lot easier than last month and you love to laugh at daddy (don't we all?). You also moved on to 6 month clothes which was kind of bittersweet since OMG you moved on to 6 month clothes and I had to pack up all the little 3 month clothes. You also outgrew your infant tub and moved on to the big tub. We had to buy a cushy bathmat since you haven't quite mastered sitting up on your own yet.

One night last week we took you out to eat. In a restaurant. Which never happens because you usually make it miserable for us by screaming the entire time. This time was different. You sat there in a highchair OMG and giggled and talked to waitresses and watched a tennis match on the TV. You actually went to bed about an hour later than usual, which used to equal a sleepless night because HEAVEN FORBID we put you to bed an hour late. But that didn't happen. You slept all night just like it was any other night.

You are starting to have a little separation anxiety which kind of cramps my style since I am not allowed to leave the room, pee, or anything unless you are able to see me. This also included two nights of you waking up every single hour to make sure your dad and I were still alive. Role reversal much?

You are still the sunshine of our lives, and trust me, there is not much of that going on outside right now. That's why we stay indoors with you where we can cuddle and hug and kiss you without getting frostbite.

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Laura said...

The sweetest Dear Mason yet!