Saturday, January 3, 2009

Dear Mason - 4 Months

Dear Mason,
What a month it has been. The past month has BY FAR been my favorite. Not because you FINALLY began sleeping for long stretches at night (I dream now, did I tell you that?), or laughing, smiling all.the.time, "talking" up a storm, or being incredibly cute, but because you are you. And I wouldn't have it any other way. Your personality is really starting to show and what a personality it is! It is hard to believe that last year at this time we were starting to tell people about you. Now we have this beautiful, funny, loving little boy.

We started giving you cereal recently and you seriously LOVE IT. You think it is hilarious when I make airplane noises. Speaking of you thinking I am hilarious, It boggles my mind that the things that I think would make you giggle do not. It is just the normal things that I do that you think are so freaking funny. Like blowing my hair out of my eyes. I did not know that was so funny! Actually, I am used to people laughing at me for my every day activities, so it's cool.

Your napping schedule drives us insane still. You need to learn that you do not function well on 45 minute naps all day long, but I haven't been able to communicate this to you yet. Something about you being a baby and not understanding me? I don't know. Like all things so far in your tiny life, hopefully it will work itself out. Napping aside, you are a wonderful little guy. Yes, you STILL hate the car seat and scream your head off in the car, YES you don't like taking naps, BUT you are Mason. And we wouldn't trade you or your little quirks for the world.

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heidzilla said...

awww he's starting to look like a little man instead of a little baby! baby giggles are the best, would love some video tiff!! :)