Monday, December 15, 2008

Q & A

I cannot believe how close it is getting to Christmas already! Mason and I have been so busy getting every one's gifts ready. I did want to answer some of the questions I received from the last post before everything gets too crazy:

What do you do to try to calm him down in the car? Music? Rattles? Would love to hear more about that in a future post.

What haven't I tried? I have my iPod loaded with Rockabye Baby lullabies, I have sat in the backseat with him (obviously not while driving), hung Jacques the Peacock where he can see him, sang to him, adjusted the straps on his car seat...EVERYTHING. The only thing that ever seems to calm him down is to blast static from the radio. It is annoying to listen to, but I would rather listen to that than his blood curdling screams. Oh, and the kid HATES pacifiers so that won't even help!

I have come to the conclusion that he hates his car seat for two reasons: he cannot move his arms out to the side AND he knows that the car makes him go to sleep and that upsets him. We are keeping our fingers and toes crossed for the day that he actually ENJOYS getting in the car and going somewhere. For now, we are hermits.

Is that a bundle me? Do you like it?

Yes, it is a JJ Cole Bundle me. I absolutely love it because I didn't have to buy a big old snowsuit for him, and I don't have to put on layer after layer before we go anywhere. I usually just dress him appropriately for the weather that day and put a hat and mittens on him and go! I love that it zips all the way down the sides and the flap can be removed if it is a warmer day.


heidzilla said...

thanks for the notes, i would have never thought of playing static instead of music! i'm actually also shocked to hear that he doesn't like pacifiers. it's one of those things you just assume loves/can't live without.

thanks again!

sheryl said...

Tiffany, This is Richs wife Sheryl- It must be a Weaver thing, my girls HATED the car seat and just going to Philly to my moms or somewhere close even was torture. They calmed down to music with alot of bass and we played it sorta loud. It would usually calm them, sometimes not. We just called it their electric chair because it seemed like it was killing them to sit in it. :)