Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Dear Mason - 3 Months

Dear Mason,

Another month has gone by and it just keeps getting better and better. This past month started out to be a challenge, but recently you have turned into such an angel. Your dad and I constantly talk about what a good boy you are. You really are an easy baby and we are so lucky. You still love to eat and are counting down the days until you can have some "solid" foods.

Nap-time is beginning to be less and less of a challenge, but you still have your bad days where you just don't want to take a nap. Nighttime is awesome - you go to bed between 7:30pm and 8pm and don't wake up until somewhere between 4:30am and 6am. After a bottle, you go back to sleep until 7:30am or 8! Once you are up for the day, you usually lay in bed between us and smile and talk until you realize you are hungry!

Your favorite noises to make are "bahhh" and "booo". The other day, you chuckled! It was so funny and completely caught us off guard. You are so strong and love to do sit-ups with my help and when on your belly, you lift your head and body up off the ground. Your car seat is still your nemesis and you cry a lot in the car. We are hoping that you get used to it someday soon because leaving the house is pretty much a disaster right now.

You had your first Thanksgiving last week and got so much lovin' from my family. You were quite the flirt and smiled and talked to everyone. Next up is your first Christmas and you already love to look at the Christmas tree. Yes, you are a sweet baby BUT there is a different side to you. There are times (especially when you are tired) that you decide to abuse me. You pull my hair, scratch me, pinch my neck, punch me in the throat and scream in my ear. Your dad thinks this is funny of course, but it hurts! You are way too strong for your own good!

We love you so much and every day is a blessing with you in our lives. So far, this month is my favorite. I love seeing your adorable smile and hearing your little voice. Keep it up big man, but don't grow up too fast!


Laura said...

So cute! I can't believe how big he is getting!

Jessica said...

so so adorable, Tiff!!!!

Erin said...

Tiffany, you have such a handsome little man!!!

Colleen said...

Good to hear that you are getting into the swing of things. Mason is so handsome!

Gia said...

Tiffany, he is so precious. What a true blessing!