Thursday, August 6, 2009

It's a sickness.


The strangest thing happens once you have a baby: you become obsessed with everything that oozes out of their tiny little body. I actually get excited when Mason wakes up with crusty boogs in his nose. I love them. He hates when I try to pick them out. It is totally disgusting and twisted, but I cannot help myself.
Do you see it? Do you see the booger?!
The poop. Oh the poop. In the beginning, it is all "what color is it?", "is it seedy?", "Awww honey look! Meconium!". Breastmilk poops are the FUNNEST. They are runny, gross, but surprisingly don't smell. After that, once I switched to formula, NASTY CITY. Smelly, smelly, smelly poop. And solids? Don't even get me started! Sometimes there is a thick, black fog of poo-smells that creeps under the nursery door and straight up into my nose, burning every tiny hair in sight.

I never thought I would be one of those moms who licks her thumb and cleans her child's face. OH I am. Especially if there are crusty boogers involved. Gagging while you read this? You just wait! (stay tuned for a lesson on that very phrase: YOU JUST WAIT!)


Colleen said...

Perhaps a warning for those reading this at lunchtime. Just sayin'. XOXOXO

Jackie said...

Yeah really, I wasn't able to fully enjoy my taco salad while reading that. Barf!

aggieonboard said...

I just changed our first post-solids diaper this morning and I still haven't recovered. I think the stench has permeated my entire home. People told me it would smell, but I didn't realize, couldn't realize, just how hideous it would be.

My throat still burns.

Jessica said...

I love picking boogers too!

Jessica said...

That is my girl's boogers, not mine!