Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Lesson 6 - A little diddy about birth control.

There once was a young couple in love. One day, two years ago, they got married. They knew they wanted children but were not sure when. They decided it was okay if she went off of birth control because it would take a while for it to clear out of her system....right?
Well, two years later, they now have an 11 month old.
What is the moral of the story here kids? The moral is that fate is real. Happiness is real. Love is real and it cannot be stopped. Not even by pumping your body full of hormones for 10 years.

Happy 2nd Anniversary lovie. I love you more and more every second. Even when you agree that it is probably okay to stop birth control. You are supposed to be the smart one in this relationship. Kidding. Thank you for my beautiful son - he is our love brought to life for everyone to see.


Jackie said...

Happy Anniversary! :)

Laura said...

Happy Anniversary to one of my fave couples married on this day two years ago!

Colleen said...

Happy Anniversary :)

Gia said...

Happy anniversary!!

Jessica said...

Happy Anniversary!