Saturday, October 4, 2008

Dairy Farm

In the beginning, breast feeding was definitely a challenge for me. There were numerous freak outs that first weekend and "oh my God Mason is going to DIE because my milk is not in yet". It took almost 5 days before my milk came in and I was able to avoid engorgement but dealt with some sore nipples, God bless Lanolin. Low and behold, he wasn't dying, not even close. He gained 3 ounces of his weight back in 4 days, so he was getting something.

I never intended to breast feed for very long, maybe 2 months. I am just not one of those women that you see nursing their children until preschool (no offense). Call me selfish if you will, but I just never saw myself nursing for an extended period of time. Now that I am at 5 weeks and counting of nursing during the day (he gets formula at night to help him sleep longer) and thinking/starting to wean slowly, I am questioning myself. Nursing has gotten considerably easier, especially since the gremlin has become quite efficient and is no longer pulling marathon nursing sessions. Plus, and this is MAJOR, I am saving a shit-ton of money by not exclusively using formula. Also, feeding Mason via boob is something that no one else shares with us. It is our little special time and I feel so close to him when he nurses knowing that I am the only one that can provide that for him.

That is also a HUGE negative for me- I am the only one that can nurse him. Yes, I pump so Paul/anyone else can feed him but pumping takes up twice the amount of time and needs to be timed correctly = hassle. I am going to slowly wean him off of breastfeeding, I am actually down to nursing him only 3-4 times a day now since he is going 4 hours in between meals. I will say that it is very discouraging out there for mothers who choose to stop nursing or mothers who choose to never nurse at all. People will really make you feel like crap! I started reading all of these articles in attempt to learn how to properly wean and ended up almost in tears because I felt like I was a horrible mother for GASP! wanting to start giving my overly-hungry son a bottle. What ever happened to supporting everyone's decisions?


andrea said...

this a great post tiffanie. i am in the same boat as you - never intend to BF for long (if at all) and get really discouraged when reading about proper ways to feed the baby.

i support you!
you do what is best for you and your child - that is all that matters in the end.

nancy said...

I NEED to call sis had her baby a little over a week ago, and low and behold, I've been over at her house with her now three kids trying to help her as much as I can when I'm not breastfeeding!! I can do many things with one I know you can. I love your sis has enough milk for a small nation, and my OVERLY hungry baby MUST have formula at night or else he's crazy EVERY hour...I was in tears two nights ago because I was made to feel really bad by somone (not a relative) that giving my baby formula was bad...what am I to do though?? Have a child that is so hungry he's miserable? mothers, we just have to do what is best for our children and ourselves...and try our hardest to not let other comments and things bother us. It's hard for me you!!!

Colleen said...

I will support you in any decision you make. Hang tight.

Laura said...

Awww, Tiff. Don't feel discouraged or upset with what other people may say. You are a wonderful mother.

Heather said...

you're right, and every mom needs to do what works for her because a happy mommy = a happy baby! If you'd be miserable nursing 8 times a day, what's the point?